Nextuus Volume 2 Book

Nextuus Volume 2 Book

The Ocean Shard- with it, you could give energy to an entire city, or raze it to the ground, so the legends on the planet of Nextuus go.

The once-famed treasure hunter, Randall Lockheed, has begun his journey to seek out this legendary artifact. The road ahead is difficult and perilous. Will Lockheed and his crew, both new and old, be able to obtain the Ocean Shard; or is fate working against them?

Meanwhile, brutal members of the NIX organization continue to search for Jon Smith. As secrets of this young man’s past come to light, it seems as though pieces in a game are being moved into place…

This books collects chapters 6-10 of Nextuus, plus over 30 pages of unique content not found online! Trade paperback, 216 pages.

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