Planet Comicon and Books for Sale!

Planet Comicon is next weekend! I’ll be there, and I would love to see you– stop on by if you’re in Kansas City and see an amazing show!


Also, I finally got the online store stocked with all of the available Nextuus books in print, including the brand-new Volume 4!



Volume 4 Kickstarter!

The kickstarter campaign to print volume 4 of Nextuus launches today! The campaign will run until March 1st, so you have 30 days to pledge for rewards, many of which include a copy of the brand-spanking-new volume 4!

So be sure to check it out and share the campaign with all of your friends who love Nextuus, or who just love independent comics!

Thanks for reading!


Wrapping up Volume 4

I’m down to the last few hours of work on the printed Nextuus Volume 4! That means it’s time to start planning the Kickstarter.
This time around, with the help of a new vinyl heat press, I’m going to try releasing a shirt along with the book to use as a reward for backers of the Kickstarter campaign. If they’re popular, I may even print some to take along with me to shows this year.


10 Years of Nextuus

On Christmas Eve, 2006 I posted the first 4 pages of Nextuus: The Search for the Ocean Shard. 10 years is one third of my life, and I’ve changed a lot in that time. I’m thrilled to have had so many of you with me for some or all of that time. I can’t say it often enough- thank you for reading.


Nextuus Volume 4 update!

First major work done on Volume 4 of Nextuus!