TC96 – September Wrap-up


TC95 – Garage Mahal

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TC93 – Screentastic


TC92 – Cheese it


TC91 – SeptemberCons

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A science fiction adventure comic set on the planet of Nextuus. A band of treasure hunters are hired to find the Ocean Shard, a legendary artifact. Many will stand in their way to keep them from their prize.



A small group tries desperately to survive in a world where the dead return to life and feed on the living.
Their numbers are dwindling and tensions run high.

This is their story…


Ex Gemmae Divus

A Fantasy, Sci-fi adventure set on a distant planet between the forces of Gods and Men. A group of unlikely but determined adventurers seek the purpose of a myth that could save the planet or rip it asunder.



A web novel following the intertwining tales of three friends, grown apart through time, and brought back together through a series of amazing circumstances. And also coffee.


515 Radio

Listen and learn as the members of discuss various topics, interview other people from the internet, and generally waste a bunch of time in front of a live microphone.


Swag Shop

The Swag Shop is a store set up by Thomas Hotka and friends to house all number of random t-shirts, collections of comics and anything else they deem worthy of putting their names on and selling to the public.

The Shop is hosted on and carries any and all merchandise relating to that site.

The Shop was established in September 2009.

Visit the Shop

Non-comic sites

Levi Hoffmeier
Rainarc Rhapsody
Rubber Punk Productions
Underfiend Radio
Yen Nguyen

Cool comics we’ve met

A Drop of Blood
Antares Complex
Backwood Folk
Camden Bottoms
Deverish Also
Final Fantasy 6
Go Fish
HeadMetal Comics
Ink and Drink Comics
Leth Hate
Mangled Stare
Objects of Amusement
Out At Home
Reign: Knight of Time
Sensei Yakuza
Sex, Drugs and June Cleaver
Soul Symphony
The Glass Urchin
Watusi the Talking Dog
Whispers Of The Divide

The 515

Coming Soon

About was formed in 2005 by a handful of guys in Central Iowa. The site hosts a variety of mediums- blogs, podcasts, novels-
but mostly we have always been a home to comics.

Thomas Hotka
President & Dictator-for-life

Nextuus – Artist/Writer
Redemption – Co-writer
NQD – Artist/Writer

“I'm rich! Rich with nickels!”

Trey Petersen

Nextuus – Co-writer
The Rants – Writer

“This sh*t better be worth it…”

Matthew Martin

Redemption – Artist/Writer


Biter of Ankles

Pat Hawks